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Rules for applying.

All I ask is that you have the time to post at least once a week or so. I understand RL can get in the way at times. But I have had people apply and then do absolutely nothing in the rp. So only apply if you can rp, we're all friendly and would not say no to doing a log with you.

Rules after applying

Once you get accepted to the rp, which most every one does. If you can, post a little something about you and your character in the OOC comm. This allows other people to see new players and gives them a chance to say hey and maybe start up a log with you

Rules for RPing

Be respectful of your fellow rpers. There is a wide variety of characters, gay, straight, hugely religious, homophobic, etc. The views of the characters do not necessarily reflect the views of the rper. Please keep this in mind.

All major event rps, should be rped in the logging comm. This way everyone has a chance to read it and not get lost in your storyline. Minor rps, such as characters getting together for a coffee or casual sex or a hang out; these do not really need to be posted for everyone to see. It's easy enough to mention in other logs a conversation two characters have had. Major event rps include: a physical fight, an argument that  changes the plot for the characters, a natural disaster, finding out someone is pregnant. Pretty much anything that changes the plot a lot. anything else can be rped via, IM, txt msg, email, etc.

Try to use the character tags as much as possible. This makes for finding specific logs easier.

Just have fun. Don't be afraid to approach other players with ideas and plot lines.

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